Dynamik Exim Ltd

About Us

Dynamik Exim is a forward thinking creative enterprise which provides holistic sourcing services to the customer with different products from garments to home textiles.

The backbone of our company is the know-how of the combination of customer needs and the cultural awareness of the manufacturer in Bangladesh, which forms the basis of a successful journey together. We place a great emphasis on quality awareness and cooperative relationships with our suppliers in an effort to make the supply chain flawless. On one hand , our customers can expect their goods to arrive on time in superb quality condition, on the other hand, our vendors benefit from the professional technical guidance that we provide.

Our Vendors are carefully selected and in terms of compliance are ahead of the curve with a high ethical and social awareness. Our goal is to supply high quality garment and textile products to overseas customers based on their needs, following our unique and effective tailor made sourcing solutions. This involves taking the lead in arranging and executing agreements that benefit our clients and contribute to the expansion of their businesses. We strive to make the procurement of textiles and garments more intelligent, transparent, and sustainable

Why Us?

  • We are available and involved on-site for you and your business.
  • Instead of communicating with numerous wholesalers, you have with us everything under one umbrella.
  • We are your partner to represent your point of view with our expertise and cultural and technical know-how.
  • We are acquainted with the international market's resources and opportunities.
We have strong, long-lasting relationships with our manufacturers, which enables us to place orders for products with a lower minimum order quantity under more favorable conditions and at competitive prices.

Our team members act on our behalf within a network of suppliers that is both robust and tightly knit, which increases the efficiency of data flow, maintains the required quality, but also reduces the risk of missing a particular commodity and gives the client more options to choose from.

By comprehending our clients' attitude, we are able to provide a solution that is ideal for small enterprises with limited funds or import or export capacity. Also for major firms who have no intention of investing in their own facilities.

Our market expertise supports companies in avoiding obstacles when importing and minimizes the risk of doing business with dishonest suppliers providing poor products.

Our Vision & Mission

Our mission is to provide you results with a shorter lead time and information available at your fingertips.

Our vision is to foster a unique work environment that is upbeat, fast-paced, and focused on the future. To achieve this goal, we will take creative and innovative action while maintaining the proper mentality.

Excellence in Product Quality

We have a reputation for being self-assured, knowledgeable, and having excellent product quality. Thanks to our teams efforts people all over the world have access to the finest quality, most long-lasting items linked to home textiles and clothing. Our team’s efforts are dedicated to locating and purchasing products of the greatest quality from reputable firms.

Satisfaction of the Customer

Our company philosophy is to have a collaborative relationship with our customers. All our customers provide us the experience from which we learn from and continuously improve. Just as we focus on quality we also focus on just in time shipments to reach our customers on time. Our qualifications, teamwork, creativity and human qualities enable us to define and develop visions and achieve goals together with our Customer.

Excellent cooperation

Our continuous learning process, positive team spirit and excellent communication maintain a good relationship with both our customers and our sourcing supply companies. We strive to implement and utilize the latest technology so that sourcing information is transparent for our customers at all times.


Our environment is of great importance to us. Environmentally sustainable sourcing, using renewable and reusable raw materials will be of crucial importance, in a world which is warming and under the pressures of a burgeoning population. We have to leave a sustainable world for our future generations as well. Which is why we pay particular attention when selecting our suppliers. We strive to have on our matrix, suppliers who have utmost respect and understand the impact of their actions on the environment. We want to be a part of the journey to have a more livable and cleaner world and commit to being steady in maintaining this path.